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Kim Hartley BSc(Hons), MBA, Reg. RCSLT, RCSLT Scotland Officer March 2009

Bonnington Symbol System Downloads

The City of Edinburgh Council has removed restrictions on the free distribution of the Bonnington Symbol System.

The most recent version of the system (which was not widely distributed on CD) was organised into a set of Word documents to simplify creation of symbols resources using MS Office etc.

The symbols are also available as WMF file sets. Individual symbols can be provided in other file formats. Please contact me for details. BSS should be acknowledged wherever possible.

Activities - art (941KB Word doc)

Activities - leisure (1,574KB Word doc)

Activities - shopping (621KB Word doc)

Activities - sport (553KB Word doc)

Catering - college (516KB Word doc)

Catering - ingredients (817KB Word doc)

Catering - methods plus (842KB Word doc)

College - prospectus (1,214KB Word doc)

Environments - inside (1,024KB Word doc)

Environments - outside (397KB Word doc)

Health - clinics and treatments (986KB Word doc)

Health - healthcare providers (514KB Word doc)

Health - mental health (953KB Word doc)

Health - sexual health (717KB Word doc)

Home - activities (1,296KB Word doc)

Home - environments (536KB Word doc)

People - people (1,182KB Word doc)

Self development - activities (1,477KB Word doc)

Self development - measures (263KB Word doc)

Self development - training workshops (551KB Word doc)